Visitor’s guide to WASTE ’18 at the Warwickshire Event Centre (WEC).

Before you have to sift through various bits of coloured shiny paper, a big handful of business cards, numerous leaflets, and a bag full of free gifts on the day you visit the show – here’s everything you need to know about WASTE ’18.

Rest assure this isn’t Glastonbury – but some of the ‘performances’ from those doing the sales pitches might be better. The versatile exhibition hall is 2,280 square metres, and is complemented by a three-and-a-half acre outdoor event space. So, there’s plenty of time to get those laps in, just in case you miss someone important throughout the one-day event.


Make sure you have your contacts book up to date and readily available – you might gain a new supplier via someone you already know in the same game.
And there’s nothing worse than speaking to someone who hands you a business card, but has scrawl down your name on a scrap of paper and can’t read it later when he’s back in the yard. Bring something with your name attached, for later reference.
Also, check out the exhibitor’s list and see who you might know in advance. Try popping them an email to arrange a meeting on the day – preparation is everything.


Don’t be scared to approach exhibitors
We’ve all seen the ‘do-not-approach-until-I-have-had-my-morning-coffee face,’ but at this exhibition nobody’s going to bite your head off (which happens at other shows). If they do, come and speak to the exhibition staff on the day, and we’ll go and sort them out!
Seriously, the informal feel of our one day show is unlike any others, and there will be loads of smiley faces and informal networking.
If you don’t know the answer to a question, grab one of the ever-so-friendly WASTE’18 staff and they’ll get you sorted out.


Pre-event research
Create a schedule of companies coming to WASTE ’18, and select your likely targets. It’s always packed first thing at the exhibition, so take the first hour to get to know the surroundings and the lie of the land.
Grab a coffee – you’ll be surprised who you might bump into at the upstairs café which overlooks the entire show.
When stands are full, don’t be put off just because there’s loads of folk around. Try and get a quick word with someone and agree a mutually convenient time to meet.
Again, you can simply stop one of our staff members at the event, and they’ll be more than happy to sort out a personal invitation with any exhibitor. That’s what we’re here for, – to make your life easier.


Arrival at the venue
When you arrive at Warwickshire Event Centre you’ll be directed to the car park (unless you’ve walked it, or travelled on a scooter, or perhaps even horseback). It’s a very short walk from the car park to the venue, and staff will be on hand to direct you.
Once inside, you’ll be taken to the registration area, where you’ll be given the royal welcome you deserve for supporting our event – and then handed your WASTE ’18 shiny visitor’s badge.


Inside the exhibition space
When you get over the shock of the opulence and you’ve finally got the slightly garish badge round your neck, you’re ready to rock and roll. You’ll notice the interior is made up of two separate sections, joined at right angles to form a large L-shaped space.
Here’s the most important tip for you. The loos couldn’t be easier to find – just go as far as you can to the other end of the building, and you can’t miss the signs.
As for the café, stay on the left side of the building as you arrive, and keep going. The café is upstairs on a mezzanine – which is also known as the first floor, where we come from.
Don’t expect five star fare like quail’s eggs, caviar, or even pate (yuck anyway). The food will be standard fare such as pies, chips, sandwiches, crisps and the stuff your partner always tells you to avoid. A big hurrah for the politically incorrect!